TL;DR: Scorecards are a way of setting goals and tracking progress… before you’ve launched (and no one is using your product, before you’ve got regular…

December 2022

How small changes in presentation of data can dramatically improve product team execution.

November 2022

A framework for how to think about PM levelling, and how to progress.
When is 10% not 10%?
Yet another haul of awesome books for your Christmas stockings.
Communicating something in a way that leaves no ambiguity in the mind of the reader such that all readers ultimately leave with the same understanding

February 2022

5 questions to get the most out of your first 1:1.

June 2020

You may have heard about Steve Jobs’ obsession for design details - and I wanted to share a short story of my own. Back in 2006-2010 I worked at the…

November 2017

WebSummit 2017: The Future of WorkWatch now (22 min) | What do we think the future of work looks like, and how do we think Workplace fits into that world? Here's my talk from WebSummit…

September 2017

Two years ago, around the birth of my first daughter, I published a list of books that I’d planned to read while bonding with her during Facebook’s…

October 2016

Mind The Product: Paving the Cow Paths and Other StoriesWatch now (32 min) | Some campfire stories of product management at Facebook.

March 2016

I’m about to move to a new house. I’m the kind of guy who, rather than thinking deeply about wallpaper patterns or which Crate & Barrel table to get…